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Move with purpose, not perfection.

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We believe yoga should be approachable and accessible. We understand the practice can seem intimidating which is why we offer a practical approach for the modern lifestyle with simple and innovative movements so you can feel good now, and 10 years from now. Yoga is a path for self-discovery. Discover what moves you.

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Food and ridiculousness are my love language. Finding the funny in less than stellar situations is my superpower.


I thrive on bad dance moves and silly jokes. I enjoy encouraging personal exploration, possibility, and freedom both in and out of class.


I’m a lover of self-care, health & wellness, and plants. Offering tools of support to others as they move through trauma.


Coming to yoga as a low-impact cross-training option from cycling, my goal is for you to explore your potential without striving for picture-perfect poses.


Making yoga fun and accessible is my specialty. Providing a space where you can feel safe, comfortable, and confident is my joy.


I run on guacamole, puppies, and true crime. I offer a safe and supportive space so you can explore upbeat, playful, and freeing movement.


I love making new friends and sharing commonalities and learning from those I encounter. Inviting you to open to a new concept of strength, both as muscular and a resource inside yourself.


I hope to help you discover the balance between effort and ease both on and off the mat. I love walking outside, my family, and my sweet greyhound Scarlett.


Yoga means many things to many people. For me, it is the ability to connect with my body, disconnect from the world, and pursue something bigger than myself.

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